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Advanced Reading Instruction in the Middle Years: A Novel Approach

Author: Janice Robbins

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ISBN: 9781760018870

No of Pages: 188

Publish date: 03/05/2016

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you want to raise the level of student engagement in your reading program, Advanced Reading Instruction in the Middle
is for you. If you want to challenge your advanced students and offer
them some new ways of thinking while improving reading comprehension, this book
is for you. If you want book recommendations for not-yet-so-mature students who
are able to read at an adult level, this book is for you.

the novel discussion circle as a focus, this book provides a structured process
for getting advanced readers in the middle years involved in:

  • reading a variety of novel genres,

  • analysing the elements of a novel,

  • understanding the author’s craft,

  • conceptualising and using words and
    phrases purposefully,

  • expanding vocabularies,

  • developing and responding to
    thought-provoking questions,

  • learning and using effective discussion

  • actively engaging in critical and creative
    thinking, and

  • identifying and reflecting on general
    themes and universal ideas.

of the book offer the teacher guidance in:

  • selecting appropriate novels;

  • teaching students to prepare for novel
    discussions, including:

    • vocabulary and concepts,

    • questioning and

    • discussing;

  • engaging students in discussion circles,

    • preparation,

    • classroom setting,

    • the art of discussion,

    • reflections and

    • assessments; and

  • directing learning activities to promote
    cognitive and affective growth.

book provides information and instructional materials for multiple novel genres
including realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy,
mystery and graphic novels. A section on developmental bibliotherapy suggests
the use of novels in support of the unique social and emotional needs of
advanced learners. Finally, a section on technology offers ideas for
incorporating electronic resources into your Novel Approach to reading.