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Achievement for All: Keys to Educating Middle Grades Students in Poverty

Author: Ruby Payne

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ISBN: 9781760012885

No of Pages: 104

Publish date: 04/09/2015

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What is your plan for helping students in poverty achieve the
success in middle grades that will help them determine and realise their dreams
and goals? In this book, renowned educator Ruby Payne and the Association for
Middle Level Education have joined forces to provide you with information about

  • the
    developmental processes of young adolescents

  • what
    it means to be a young adolescent in poverty

  • identifying
    resources and interventions for under-resourced youths

  • helping
    students create their “future stories”

  • requiring
    rigour in student work and performance

  • developing
    expertise in teachers and administrators

  • leading
    schools in strong, decisive ways to help all students achieve success.

Each of the five chapters focuses on a different significant
development during early adolescence (years 10–15), listing the characteristics
of the type of development, reviewing the research about that stage of
development, discussing how under-resourcing impacts that type of development
and, finally, suggesting interventions for the under-resourcing. The sixth
chapter outlines school interventions that can improve the chances of success
for under-resourced students.