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A Teacher's Guide to Special Education

Author: David F. Bateman, Jenifer L. Cline

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ISBN: 9781760560706

No of Pages: 194

Publish date: 31/01/2017

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Despite the prevalence of students with disabilities in the
general education classroom, few teachers receive training on how to meet these
students’ needs or how to navigate the legally mandated processed enumerated in
the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). What is their role?
What are their responsibilities? And what must they do to ensure that students
with disabilities and other special needs receive the quality education they’re
entitled to?

In this practical reference, David F. Bateman – bestselling
author of A Principal’s Guide to Special
– and special education administrator Jenifer L. Cline clarify
what general education teachers need to know about special education law
processes and provide a guide to instructional best practices for the inclusive
classroom. Topics covered include

  • the pre-referral, referral and
    evaluation process

  • individualised education
    programs (IEPs) and the parties involved

  • accommodations for students who
    do not qualify for special education services, including those covered by
    Section 504

  • transition from preschool to
    F–12 and from high school to post-school life

  • classroom management and
    student behaviour

  • educational frameworks,
    instructional strategies and service delivery options

  • assessment, grades, graduation
    and diplomas.

The breadth of coverage in this book, along with its
practical examples, action steps and appendixes covering key terms and
definitions, will provide the foundation all F–12 teachers need to successfully
instruct and support their students receiving special education services. It’s
an indispensable resource for every general education classroom.