Learning That Sticks

A Brain-Based Model for K–12 Instructional Design and Delivery

By: Bryan Goodwin, Tonia Gibson, Kristin Rouleau

With: Tonia Gibson, Kristin Rouleau

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ISBN: 9781760941611

No of Pages: 172

Publish Date: 11 September 2020

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In far too many classrooms, the emphasis is on instructional strategies that teachers employ rather than on what students should be doing or thinking about as part of their learning. What’s more, students’ minds are something of a mysterious ‘black box’ for most teachers, so when learning breaks down, they’re not sure what went wrong or what to do differently to help students learn.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Learning that sticks helps you look inside that black box. Bryan Goodwin and his coauthors unpack the cognitive science underlying research-supported learning strategies so you can sequence them into experiences that challenge, inspire and engage your students. As a result, you’ll learn to teach with more intentionality – understanding not just what to do but also when and why to do it.

By way of an easy-to-use six-phase model of learning, this book:

  • analyses how the brain reacts to, stores and retrieves new information
  • helps you ‘zoom out’ to understand the process of learning from beginning to end
  • helps you ‘zoom in’ to see what’s going on in students’ minds during each phase.

Learning may be complicated, but learning about learning doesn’t have to be. And to that end, Learning that sticks helps shine a light into all the black boxes in your classroom and make your practice the most powerful it can be.

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