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All Learning is Social and Emotional

Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for the Classroom and Beyond

By: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, Dominique Smith

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ISBN: 9781760565084

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Publish Date: 17 January 2019

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While social and emotional learning (SEL) is most familiar as compartmentalised programs separate from academics, the truth is, all learning is social and emotional. What teachers say, the values we express, the materials and activities we choose, and the skills we prioritise all influence how students think, see themselves, and interact with content and with others.

If you teach kids rather than standards, and if you want all kids to get what they need to thrive, Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher and Dominique Smith offer a solution: a comprehensive, five-part model of SEL that’s easy to integrate into everyday content instruction, no matter what subject or year level you teach. You’ll learn the how and whys of:

  • building students’ sense of identity and confidence in their ability to learn, overcome challenge and influence the world around them
  • helping students identify, describe and regular their emotional responses
  • promoting the cognitive regulation skills critical to decision-making and problem-solving
  • fostering students’ social skills, including teamwork and sharing, and their ability to establish and repair relationships
  • equipping students to become informed and involved citizens.

Along with a toolbox of strategies for addressing 33 essential competencies, you’ll find real-life examples highlighting the many opportunities for social and emotional learning within the F–12 academic curriculum. Children’s social and emotional development is too important to be an add-on or an afterthought, too important to be left to chance. Use this book’s integrated SEL approach to help your students build essential skills that will serve them in the classroom and throughout their lives.

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