Summarization in Any Subject

60 Innovative, Tech-Infused Strategies for Deeper Student Learning, 2nd Edition

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Publish Date: 24 January 2019

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Summarisation. Just when we thought we knew everything about it, the doors to divergent thinking open and summarisation – no longer something that students must endure until you get to the “cool” stuff – takes on an exciting new role in student success.

In this second edition of Summarization in Any Subject, Dedra Stafford joins Rick Wormeli in adding fresh depth and creative variations to the basis, including changes to all 50 techniques from the first edition and brand new summarising techniques that can be differentiated for multiple disciplines and levels of student readiness.

Personably written, with a sense of humour and a commitment to students’ substantive engagement with curriculum, this new edition provides practical, “show me what it looks like” tools and descriptions as well as QR codes and tech integrations for many of the techniques. The book provides

  • a clear rationale for summarisation in any subject, along with an explanation of the cognitive science that powers its positive effects, including the influence of background knowledge and primacy-regency, plus the benefits of metaphors, chunking, timing, maintaining objectivity and the efficiency that comes when students process content
  • practical tips for teaching students note taking, paraphrasing and text structure
  • nine easy strategies that teachers can use to help students being to understand what they need to know in order to summarise
  • detailed descriptions of 60 strategies and critical thinking variations that provide students with memorable learning experiences, plus targeted support materials that assist in teaching and learning.

It’s time to revitalise learning and shatter the tedium associated with summarisation, and this new edition of Summarization in Any Subject can help you do just that.

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