Coherent School Leadership

Forging Clarity from Complexity

Author: Lyle Kirtman, Michael Fullan

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Publish Date: 10 October 2019

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While leaders may desire or have been told that they must put certain structures into place in order to enhance their leadership capabilities, they may not know exactly what structures are needed, or the skills that are required for implementation. Authors Michael Fullan and Lyle Kirtman go beyond simply telling you what you need to put in place to enhance leadership – they detail the route to successful leadership.

Coherent School Leadership will show you how to combine the components of Fullan’s Coherence Framework (the Framework) with Kirtman’s 7 Competencies for Highly Effective Leaders (the Competencies) to drive coherence – the shared depth of understanding about the nature of the work and how it impacts the results desired for student achievement – to change the culture in schools from reactive to proactive. Fullan and Kirtman, whose work is based in practice, will:

Show you how to use specific competencies to drive coherence.
Provide examples that show how other leaders have successfully created coherence.
Guide you through the day-to-day distractions/stresses so that you can stay on course.
Show you how to use the Competencies in relation to the Framework.
Taking a world view of the forces that could destabilise education and the work of coherence, Coherent School Leadership will show how proven frameworks such as the Framework and the Competencies can help you cope with even the most complex scenarios.

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