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Adventures in Teacher Leadership: Pathways, Strategies, and Inspiration for Every Teacher

Author: Rebecca Mieliwocki, Joseph Fatheree

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ISBN: 9781760568788

No of Pages: 138

Publish date: 21/11/2019

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Have you ever imagined yourself as a teacher leader but weren't quite sure whether you really had – or could develop – the necessary skills? Have you wondered what the first steps toward becoming a teacher leader might be, what kinds of approaches work best and how you could overcome the inevitable challenges that come with leading your colleagues on a journey toward improvement as professionals?

Authors Rebecca Mieliwocki (California and National Teacher of the Year for 2012) and Joseph Fatheree (Illinois Teacher of the Year for 2007) answer these questions and more in this engaging guide to becoming a successful teacher leader. Organised around five key tools – communication, collaboration, professional development, data and advocacy – the book covers every aspect of what is involved in taking on leadership responsibilities. Firsthand accounts of the authors' experiences and those of more than a dozen other State Teachers of the Year describe the various pathways to leadership, strategies for success and pitfalls to avoid. These teacher voices add powerful credibility to the research on teacher leadership and show how leaders can not only improve their schools and districts but also influence state and national policies and practices.

Both informative and inspiring, Adventures in Teacher Leadership invites others to expand their professional reach, empower the profession of teaching and, ultimately, make a big difference in the lives of students everywhere.