Climbing the Literacy Ladder

Small-Group Instruction to Support All Readers and Writers, PreK-5

By: Beverly Tyner

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Publish Date: 18 October 2019

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Literacy skills are the cornerstone upon which students’ knowledge, self-esteem and future educational opportunities are built. But far too many teachers lack the time, materials and specialised knowledge required to address these skills adequately. To that end, Climbing the Literacy Ladder is a one-stop shop for teachers in need of a plan and rationale to differentiate literacy instruction for all students.

Literacy educator Beverly Tyner presents plans for small-group instruction that addresses primary students’ six developmental stages of reading and writing: Emergent, Beginning, Fledgling, Transitional, Fluent and Independent. To help teachers support students’ literacy development, this book also provides:

  • characteristics of readers and writers at each stage
  • lesson plans that target each of the research-based instructional components (fluency, word study, vocabulary and comprehension)
  • authentic classroom scenarios and conversations
  • practical classroom strategies and activities
  • advice for when to move students to the next stage.

If students cannot read with comprehension by Year 3, then their educational future is cast in doubt. Climbing the Literacy Ladder will not only help you grow as a competent and empowered literacy teacher, but also ensure that your students continue to travel a clear and unobstructed educational road.

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