Decoding Autism and Leading the Way to Successful Inclusion

By: Barbara Boroson

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Publish Date: 16 March 2021

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More students on the autism spectrum are taught in general education settings today than ever before, bringing an array of strengths and skills that add intriguing new dimensions to educational programs. But these students also present challenges that are broader, deeper and more intractable than those of their typically developing peers. Because reaching and teaching students on the autism spectrum in an inclusive environment complicates the work of teachers, school and district administrators must be prepared to provide knowledgeable, mindful leadership.

With warmth and wisdom informed by her experience as a school administrator, autism educator, clinician and a parent of a son on the spectrum, Barbara Boroson provides a holistic look at the challenges students on the spectrum face in the areas of anxiety, executive function, sensation, communication, socialisation, engagement and cognitive acquisition. You’ll learn to decode the functional and behavioural manifestations of the challenges and you’ll gain practical and research-based pre-emptive, supportive and responsive strategies. You will also find:

  • insight into the perspectives of parents and guardians, along with guidance on partnering with them in ways that acknowledge both their expertise and yours
  • tips for modelling transparency and creative differentiation to set an inclusive tone throughout your school or district
  • supplemental materials to help you engage and educate families and the entire school community about autism, inclusion and best-practice policies.

Decoding autism and leading the way to successful inclusion empowers school and district leaders to ensure that students on the spectrum are welcome, supported, understood and set up for success. It’s an essential resource for any education leader committed to achieving a differentiated, equitable and inclusive learning environment for all students in their care.

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