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Everyday Problem-Based Learning: Quick Projects to Build Problem-Solving Fluency

Author: Brian Pete, Robin Fogarty

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ISBN: 9781760566067

No of Pages: 140

Publish date: 16/01/2018

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Educators know that problem-based learning answers that perennial question: “When will I ever use this in real life?” Faced with a meaty problem to solve, students finally “get” why they need to learn the content and are energised to do so.

But here’s the exciting part: problem-based learning doesn't require weeks of study or an end-of-year project. In this book, authors Brian Pete and Robin Fogarty show how you can use problem-based learning as a daily approach to helping students learn authentic and relevant content and skills. The authors explain how to engage students in each of the seven steps in the problem-based learning model, so students learn how to develop good questions, launch their inquiry, gather information, organise their information, create evidence, present their findings and assess their learning. Using practical examples, they also describe how to help students master the important thinking skills develop, analyse, reason, understand, solve, apply and evaluate.

To put all this in context, the authors offer seven “PBL in a Nutshell” lessons that can easily be incorporated in a single classroom period. Depth of thinking and ease of implementation – this is problem-based
learning at its best.