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The eCoaching Continuum for Educators: Using Technology to Enrich Professional Development and Improve Student Outcomes

Author: Marcia Rock

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ISBN: 9781760940584

No of Pages: 220

Publish date: 20/11/2019

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In this book, eCoaching pioneer Marcia Rock draws on best-practice research and decades of experience to offer a blueprint for professional development that maximizes teacher and student growth. The eCoaching Continuum for Educators provides teachers, administrators and other school professionals a step-by-step guide to the four connected, coordinated components of technology-enabled professional development: (1) studying theory and practice to build knowledge of specific content and pedagogy; (2) observing theory and practice to aid in the transfer of new knowledge to classroom practice; (3) one-on-one coaching to give teachers the feedback they need to improve classroom practice; and (4) group coaching to build capacity for identifying and solving problems of professional practice.

Rock offers a practical approach for putting professional development where it can do the most good – in the classroom. You’ll learn:

  • Why technology is so well suited for authentic, job-embedded professional development

  • How to cultivate a culture in which the eCoaching continuum can have the greatest impact

  • Which technologies are the most useful for carrying out eCoaching in a variety of settings

  • How to capture and evaluate the impact of eCoaching on teachers and students

The eCoaching Continuum for Educators integrates best practice in coaching for professional development with a detailed account of how teachers and other school professionals can use today’s technologies to improve their practice and ensure their students are fully engaged and learning.