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Friendly Schools is the first anti-bullying initiative for schools developed through extensive research with Australian children and adolescents. It is recognised nationally and internationally as a comprehensive, evidence-based framework that can reduce bullying behaviour. The Friendly Schools initiative has been designed to align with both the Australian Curriculum and the National Safe Schools Framework.

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  • Friendly Schools Evidence for Practice

    Evidence for Practice

    A whole-school approach.

    Evidence for Practice is the foundational resource designed to support schools to build and maintain a whole-school approach to reduce and prevent bullying. It describes the approach that schools can implement to maximise and sustain effective social skill-building and bullying-prevention strategies. A comprehensive summary of evidence-based practice is provided in each section of this book, which will assist schools to implement changes in the key areas of whole-school ethos, policy, social and physical climate, and links with families and the community to enhance social and emotional learning and reduce bullying.

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  • Friendly Schools Map the Gap

    Map-the-Gap Online Screening Tool

    Identify and address focus areas.

    Map-the-Gap is a quick, online screening tool to help schools identify current policies and practice in the whole-school key areas described in Evidence for Practice for enhancing social skills and reducing bullying. This screening tool provides schools with an overview of what they are already doing well and what they need to build on to improve in the areas they have identified.

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  • Friendly Schools Student and Staff Surveys

    Student and Staff Surveys

    Determine current understandings.

    Student and staff surveys are a reliable and relatively quick method of gaining a school community perspective on pastoral care practices or bullying related issues. To ensure school strategies meet students’ social and emotional strengths and needs, schools must determine students’ understandings, attitudes, competencies and behaviours.

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  • Friendly Schools Classroom Resources

    Classroom Resources

    A framework for explicit teaching.

    This revised edition of Friendly Schools Plus provides evidence-based classroom materials to enhance social and emotional learning and to reduce bullying. These resources have been updated and separated into school years, with learning tasks and activities presented in a way that is developmentally appropriate to each particular year level.

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  • Friendly Schools Cyber Bullying Resources

    Cyber Bullying Resources

    Build a student leadership program.

    The Friendly Schools Plus Student Cyber Leader resources are designed to skill young people to become leaders in their school to reduce cyberbullying and other cyber-related harms. The aim is to establish an ethos and environment where all students feel empowered to use technology in positive ways. These guides are designed to assist you as you establish your student leadership program.

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  • Friendly Schools Social and Emotional Posters

    Social & Emotional Posters

    Create a bully-free environment.

    Help your students create a bully-free environment with a set of 9 posters. Each one follows the THINK, PLAN, TALK theme and walks students through different aspects of dealing with bullying, such as determining what bullying is, developing a plan for dealing with it, understanding who they can talk to about it and what to do if others are being bullied.

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  • Friendly Schools Parent Book

    Friendly Families

    A parent's guide to dealing with and preventing bullying.

    While parents can have concerns about the possible effects if bullying on their children, many indicate they are unsure of what they can do to help their children to prevent or respond effectively to bullying, especially cyberbullying.This booklet provides families with information and ideas to help them talk to with their children about bullying, including cyberbullying behaviour, and to help their children build effective social skills.

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