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CARS & STARS is a structured reading program that diagnoses student comprehension and then guides teachers to instruct to the level of each student’s ability to improve literacy results. Read below to learn more about the program. Click here for Strategies and Correlations to the Australian National Curriculum.

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  • CARS & STARS Reading Comprehension Program

    About the Program

    Reading Comprehension Strategies and Assessment

    (Levels P-H)

    CARS & STARS is a comprehensive reading program consisting of ten levels (P-H) that allows you to identify and teach twelve reading and comprehension strategies and improve literacy results. It allows the teacher to provide differentiated instruction, creates structure and continuity, facilitates instructional planning and makes recordkeeping easier, all while teaching your children to read.

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    • CARS & STARS Plus

      What's New: The Plus Version

      The 2012 update to CARS, STARS and CARS II

      CARS & STARS Plus is the updated version of CARS, STARS and CARS II. Newly released, it contains a structural change to the CARS books and significant additional detail to the STARS teacher guides.

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      • How CARS & STARS Plus Works

        How Does CARS & STARS Work?

        Getting Started with the Program

        The program consists of ten levels (P-H) and allows you to identify and teach twelve reading and comprehension strategies and improve literacy results. The program is divided into two parts: CARS (the assessment portion) and STARS (the instruction portion). Each CARS and STARS level (P-H) consists of both a student book and a teacher guide.

        Learn more about how to use CARS & STARS...
        • CARS & STARS Online Assessment and Reports

          CARS & STARS Online

          Assessment and Reports

          Produce reports in half the time with CARS & STARS Online: Assessment & Reports. This subscription-based software automatically analyses student and class performance for each strategy and displays individual strengths and weakness so that you know exactly where your students need more practice.

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          • CARS & STARS Posters


            Classroom resouces to support the 12 reading strategies

            These colourful, glossy posters highlight the 12 main reading strategies featured in the CARS & STARS Plus series. Ideal for classroom display, they offer brief and clear summaries of each of the 12 strategies along with a hints on how to recognise each strategy, serving as a perfect quick reference guide for teachers and students.

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            • Extensions in Reading

              Extensions in Reading

              Extension Exercises for CARS & STARS

              (Levels A-H)

              The CARS & STARS program is designed for students to remain on the same level for the entire year. If students are excelling, they can work on the Extensions Books that give students who are excelling more practice and extend the depth of their understanding. Extensions are available for levels A-H.

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              • Focus on Reading

                Focus On Reading

                Additional Focus on Specific Reading Strategies

                (Levels A-H)

                Focus on Reading books are for students having trouble with a specific strategy. They offer 20 lessons on the one strategy and can be used at any time (alongside the STARS program, to an individual or entire class) to provide concentrated practice. Currently levels A-H have a book for each strategy.

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