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Science Units for Years 9-12

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Quick Overview

This engaging addition to ISTE’s NETS•S Curriculum Series shows you how to move instruction away from rote memorisation of facts and cookbook-style “experiments”. The technology-infused lessons in this volume promote the kind of conceptual understanding and inquiry that drives real-world science. Drawing on extensive experience revolutionising their own science classrooms, the authors show teachers how to employ computer simulation and visualisation tools to promote student learning. Sample topics include cell division, virtual dissection, earthquake modelling, and the Doppler Effect.

New computer-based technologies have revolutionized scientific research in recent years, yet computers remain curiously underutilised in many science classrooms. This engaging book shows you how to tap into the power of these new technologies to motivate students and support and enhance your existing curricula.

Discover ways to use digital cameras, online databases and interactive simulation software to promote the kind of conceptual understanding and inquiry that drives real-world science. The 15 units – on topics such as cell division, virtual dissection, earthquake modelling and the Doppler effect – provide teachers with dozens of activities and lesson extensions in all of the major secondary school science areas. The units are introduced by essays that discuss project-based learning strategies, the creation of assessment rubrics and general guidelines for integrating technology in science instruction.

Transform Your Science Classroom with Technology

  • All units are keyed to the NETS.S Standards.
  • Interdisciplinary links, teaching tips, lesson extenders and assessment guidelines are provided for each unit.
  • Each unit includes a comprehensive listing of online and print resources for background reading and further exploration.
  • Susan O'Hara

    Susan O'Hara

  • Jeffrey Nugent

    Jeffrey Nugent

  • Mike Menchaca

    Mike Menchaca

  • Jeffrey Steckroth

    Jeffrey Steckroth

  • Jessica Stephenson

    Jessica Stephenson

  • Kathy Trundle

    Kathy Trundle

  • Douglas Toti

    Douglas Toti

  • Gerry Swan

    Gerry Swan

  • Rebecca McNall

    Rebecca McNall

  • Lawrence Krissek

    Lawrence Krissek

  • Deborah Aufdenspring

    Deborah Aufdenspring

  • Walter McKenzie

    Walter McKenzie

  • Randy Bell

    Randy Bell

  • Ian Binns

    Ian Binns

  • Adrienne Gauthier

    Adrienne Gauthier

  • Stacey Koonce

    Stacey Koonce

  • Karen Irving

    Karen Irving

  • Joe Garofalo

    Joe Garofalo

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ISBN 9781742393940
Publish date 29/09/2011
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