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Imprint Partners

  • ISTE

    International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the premier membership association for educators and leaders who are engaged in improving learning and teaching by effectively using technology in the P–12 classroom. ISTE is a world-wide, not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to connecting peers so that they can share their challenges and successes in implementing technology in the classroom, as well as working together to transform education as we know it. Hawker Brownlow Education partnered with ISTE to become the only publisher and distributor of their titles throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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  • TCP

    Teachers College Press, Columbia University’s main press, has been publishing and distributing texts for educators and students for over a century. Their aim is to open and expand the dialogue between theory and practice by looking at teaching in diverse ways, exploring tension between private and public schools, challenging assumptions that devalue the quality of educational experience at all levels of schooling and providing resources for all participants in the educational process. TCP are a leader in boundary-breaking texts from established scholars and new authors from around the world. Hawker Brownlow Education have partnered with Teachers College Press to bring these resources and these new ways of thinking and teaching into the Australian and New Zealand educational sector. No matter your role in the educational sector, whether you’re a principal or a parent, TCP and Hawker Brownlow Education will have excellent resources for you.

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  • ASCD

    ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), founded in 1943, is an educational leadership organisation dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner. They provide extensive resources in professional development, capacity building and educational leadership that are essential to the way educators learn, teach and lead. Hawker Brownlow and ASCD have joined forces to bring these innovative solutions to educators throughout Australia and New Zealand. Through this partnership, educators have access to a variety of resources exploring 21st century learning, classroom management, leadership, cooperative learning, teacher effectiveness and more.

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  • ACEL

    Australian Council for Educational Leaders (ACEL) is a not-for-profit, forward thinking, 21st century learning organisation that is the premier provider of resources and experiences for educational leaders. Dedicated to the development of leadership capabilities across Australia, ACEL is constantly striving to improve their practices and partnerships. Hawker Brownlow Education is pleased to announce that we have partnered with ACEL to bring to the educators of Australia an extensive catalogue of leadership resource books for teachers, administration and principals in all stages of their career. With over 100 books in the current catalogue, and growing every day, educators will find everything they need to improve and diversify their knowledge in today’s constantly changing educational world.

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  • Sage

    Sage, IPG Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year for 2012, is an independent publisher that specialises in journals, books, textbooks, reference books and electronic media for teachers and university level students, covering a range of courses and subject areas. They are a leader in educational publishing in the areas of interdisciplinary and international scholarly thought and are dedicated to the development of engaged scholarship around the world. Hawker Brownlow Education is proud to be partnered with Sage Publications in bringing the highest quality resources to Australia and the world.

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  • Walch Education

    Walch Education is a leader in publishing educational materials for secondary school and adult learners around the world. They are focused on producing resources that are easy to implement and effective for teachers in the private or public arenas, home schoolers and special education teachers. Walch was one of the first publishers to provide materials designed specifically for secondary school students and educators and they continue to supply high quality resources in the core subject areas as well as the arts. Hawker Brownlow Education have partnered with Walch Education to become their main distributor in Australia and New Zealand, allowing home schoolers and special educators to access resources that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

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  • Solution Tree

    For over 20 years, Solution Tree has been dedicated to developing results-proven solutions for educators across all subject areas and year levels. Not only do they have a wealth of books and other professional development resources available, they also provide online courses, events and workshops to help educators transform education and help their students to reach their full potential. Hawker Brownlow Education is partnered with Solution Tree to bring their range of professional development resources to Australian educators.

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  • Newmark Learning

    Newmark Learning is a leading educational publisher in resources for early learners to year six. They specialise in levelled books in the core subjects as well as reading, comprehension, intervention, fluency and a range of other areas. Educators can find a range of valuable texts based on researched strategies that can be used for whole-group lessons, small-group reading or individual intervention. Hawker Brownlow Education is pleased to have partnered with Newmark Learning to bring to the Australian market their exciting and invaluable interactive whiteboard (IWB) resources. IWBs are fantastic literacy resources that help a range of young learners with the fundamentals of vocabulary, grammar and other areas.

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  • Curriculum Associates

    Curriculum Associates provide a wide range of flexible, focused and targeted instruction materials for educators and parents of all children. Resources for early intervention, assessment, early childhood and special education are among Curriculum Associates diverse categories. Hawker Brownlow Education have partnered with Curriculum Associates to bring their acclaimed CARS & STARS and CAMS & STAMS resources to Australian educators, as well as their popular Brigance titles and more. The materials available through Hawker Brownlow Education are invaluable tools for educators, particularly in the subject areas of English and maths.

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